Why ConsumerHouse?

Modern Facilities

  • Modern, multifunctional halls, which can be used for both quantitative and qualitative research. We have also an additional 752 m² at our disposal which can be used for:
    • CATI-projects: call centre with a capacity of 24 units
    • CLT-projects: dark room for eye tracking, pop-up labstore for shelf research etc.
  • Professional equipment:
    • smartboard
    • 62 laptops
    • 40 iPads
  • Programming of your questionnaire in NEBU

Extensive Databases

  • Extensive pool of professional interviewers, recruited based on your project
  • Extensive consumer panel, deployable for both quantitative and qualitative research.

Motivated Team

Our specialised team is always happy to help. Taking an open and personal approach, we always try to find the best solution for your project.   You can contact our team via contact@consumerhouse.be.

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